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Zionism is amongst many misunderstood religions ,it is the religion of a state. They according to The English Constitution they control thirty percent of a nations resource which they spend on its administrations minimum costs and the general elections etc to keep the nation working. This crowd has a bargained status and standard of living and mostly belong to the civil service that maintains society with the reigning hierarchies that subject themselves to social posts like Kings and Governors instead of running public elections and ministries ,rules of law for enlisting new members .Zionists normally maintain a platform below which they don't socialize . There is no law amongst political publics however and for example Gandhi himself met with The British Emperor at Buckingham with disregard to a gentleman status clothes even. They are not pro Regimes that eventually lose bottom 25 percent to move with or of course bargain away from top 25 percent of world rich!

The world today is very modern and very rich ,unluckily it is also afflicted badly by environmental extremities and the diseases and viruses also by corruption and money schemes and by political detractions like militancy and official crime , in such conditions great anarchies come into being ,it is then that Change becomes need! A time between a Change and Anarchy is ruled by criminals and organized thugs .An option however must not be misunderstood by both state and public is that especially in Christian and Muslim Countries and Kingdoms is that of God Allah and his powerful hand and the signs of nature that become true judge between.

The modern world we live in was created after 1944 .Like every world that comes after a Waterloo or World War a new table is established for Republics Democracies and Kingdoms to inter relate at the aftermath order and trade amongst in the new proportions settled at end of the Wars .
Our new post war world was given proportionate definition and The Rule of Northern Hemisphere was extended to The Paris Zionist Chapter that would establish a free state what we today call Israel. The Rule of Southern Hemisphere was extended to Delhi Secularists and Gandhites .

Europe from where the Jews mainly migrated after a painful exit from Europe and were landed to the Palestine land that was in good books promised to the sons of Abraham. After the fall of Ottoman Turks as early as 1900 from Arabia this region was lying unclaimed and considered part of The British Empire.
Mainly due to the great anarchy created by the Durand Line in 1893 between Kabul and Peshawar .The Delhi Secularists mainly belonged to The Indian National Congress and Gandhi's movement.
At the time of The Fall of Berlin Mr. Churchill The British Prime Minister met with the American Russian Forces at Yalta Iran where the Peacock Throne was reigning ,the throne that the then general turned king Mohammad Reza 's son classified his during 1960s. Reza even entitled himself to Kohinoor Crown and fled once to Rome but the second time he fled to USA was his last and end of his reigning legacy! It was there that Mr Churchill announced the worlds political economic division between Democratic USA and Communist Socialist Russia that European countries and the new Republics formed out of the British Empire and post Ottoman Empire were subjected to side either .
The Secularist Delhi the then richest country that inherited a strong Democratic institution however is today struggling with a divided Hindu/Secularist nation and a frail-ing Democracy and poorest status.

A state is very strict in laws that they uphold . States like Cambodia Korea Vietnam suffered so much because they could not decide ? But soon something happened in Bangladesh and Zionism of State was easier to picture although none much anyone did not comment .

The conclusion of all great epics is in hand of Great Allah, and he is the best judge of affairs.

No solution is easily possible without the full truth.Like a clock showing 11 hours cannot be a right guide of time is the non presence of The House of Gardez and Saddozais from worlds knowledge , Encyclopedias ,even Fact Books. Which also shows why the world could not unite at the appearance of Jupiter on Nazareth that according to the prophecy of Christ Jesus make him visible again to public and downtrodden and his good kings. The 12 Th Guide/Leader is visibly due to crush The Yazidites . The Yazidites are from Islamic Regimes and their degree is after crossing Zionism and Satanism ,they are so much worser. And responsible for all the killing and militant action all over the world .It was The Islamic Republic Regime that banned recreational drugs from excise outlets and spilled the dark street into towns..

The knowledge of the centuries is with those who persevered the regimes powerful .Ever since the creation of the post ww2 world The Islamic Republic has constantly been at war with Israel and let bad history on its public, and supported becoming a threat to The Western Alliance and in seventies even announced their oil as a Weapon of War. However The CIA Fact Book does not contain the most significant politician of Pakistan the center of the Shah's control after the drew the durand line to a holy accord against the Succession of Muhammadzais followed by Barakzais. Nasarullah Khan in his long life had been a great democratic leader;of sourcing unities that pousted the dictators .

Today Pakistan is the centre point of World Peace disappointment and The Yazidites even by virtue of The Prime Minister's 'Din' what they call face is proof of despotic takeovers and inheritance over public rule .This act of Gen Hafiz Assad and Gen, Ayub are visible signs both the Generals potrayed their obesience to the Shah's in specialized communiques that are attested. The PM of Pakistan joined Gen, Zia Ul Haques Martial Law and moved shamelessly into their Samson and Delilah .Although having a decent wife from a good family he stranded her and married a singing prostitute to appease the Islamabad circles..

The CIA Fact Book does not mention Nawabzada NasarullahKhan that i conclude mainly because of his regional and family closeness with The Shah's. Although being knived by Gen Zia Ul Haque who spent the Billions promised by US White House by kniving USA and created Mujahedeen from Afgan Border Enlistments instead of preparing Afgan Muhajereen to fight Russian led Coup ,infact to defend Pakistani Borders from Moscow's intervention to take the Warm Waters ,he recreated an army of Pakistani Protege politicians who now have collaborated with the PPP .

Zia's designs were dangerous ,he promoted himself as amir Ul Mumineen \a forbidden word because the last Amir Ul Mumineen Imam Ali was assinated by Yazidite Islamic Republic ,although himself was from lower middleclass indian sikhs who are trying to pervert Pakistani society.These Sikhs were planted into new Muslim State for such bad days . Today USA and NATO are unnecessarily fighting against forces that have no elite interest or respect there..

Although the successfull battles of Gengis Khan and Temur Khan vanquished Contantniplole the capital of templers and evil mongers ,satanists according to the will of Prophet Muhammad, salutations and peace be upon him and his children:Although the evil empire of Baghdad and its Caliphs were destroyed but yet the sons and nephews of Gengis and Temur were announced as 'Hellakus' meaning The frustrated.However the seperate roads they took got them great controls of Turkey and Delhi that they declared as Empires and Caliphates and there was resistance from the Great Shah's began immediately but not until the modern 1900s were both completely removed.

For those who will adhere the Islamic Republic is a harmonious evil that prepared to em battle Imam Ali at the passing away of Prophet Mohammad who had already declared Hazreth abu Bakr as his Caliph and the believers knew that Ali was The Lord Maula in succession to The Holy Prophet. Imam Ali who himself was appointed as Caliph after Hazerth Usman was assassinated beside all his letters and speeches warned believers of the Islamic Republics evil design who took charges and the son of Muavia Ya'zid cruelly killed the remaining successors of The Holy Prophets family leaving one child Imam Zain Ul Abedin .Ever since the fall of Ottoman Turks that began earlier than WW1 and concluded at end of WW2 the public treat for Republicism increased and many Muslim states came out from the Turkish and Mughal Empires which had in the final days of British Rule at Delhi merely mingled through a marraige .These Empires were where the Yazidites took cover ,today they are visible with tokens of our present worlds most in in-dignifying and destructive Methodisms


  1. First, this is not written in a way, so that it can be understood by any of the persons who got the message in the first place.

    Second, some of what can be understood is that there is a belief that Allah is a solution to world problems. Allah is not a solution for earthly problems. Allah was, is and will be used for the sake of violence. Calling for Allah is asking for violence in this context.

    Third, as it seems, Islam is divided from the very beginning and faces division problems that lead into violence problems.

    Fourth, the way this all is explained and stated uses up time to a point that is useful to the system of violence and not to the system of Peace.

    What do you want? What is this discussion about? How shall this lead into peace?

  2. Dear AG..There is a bit of history that is missing from recent books ! It will take a fat book to read the 1400 years of gulf in Republics and Democracies that are created by the power hungry!

    Allah The God has in history been always represented by Man. All good books are his.The Seven Good Virtues and Seven Bad Virtues are good enough to live by so we again received The Hindu Allegories ? Then again Wars began and Buddah took the world by an amazing Peace Proposal ,he had the wheel' and forwarded The Great 5 Commandments but then again the Signs were lost ,then Moses announced 10 Commandments and the evil and good carried on . Today the signs are in contact and well because The Holy Koran carries The Signs:

  3. Islam has always been divided but the gulf is closing on the Islam Republic .It was like a Satan employing the world on his terms and acting provider and protector and the world will join him for food clothes and shelter ,but they keeps destroying the fetus and today homes shift and lot of personalities cannot be refurbished! The Signs are living and truth must be researched!

  4. They are new leaders and now they are following Stalinist Ideals ,Indira Gandhi ostracized farmers and workers ..Americans are under a state of war 'no talking in public and so many intelligence agencies around.All this for not legelising P...OT and similar Recreation aphrodasiacs in this age . Russia has shown its left thumb and will drain its collective thinking all the way to Italy where Gorbachev seems to have threatened someone must not underestimate Russians military power'. Pakistani Stalinist age nominee and present Prime Minister visited the place of crime Swine Fever in Mianwali Pakistan to announce a donor club meeting ..however the Swine Fluist nations have landed with AID to the broken dyke districts.Over 170 Million Paks are displaced..
    Now US RU India and China are mingling This will mean More Crime and Detente ! 250Million and 600 Million Officil Crime and Laundry is common language amongst them...

  5. Every discussion comes from a controversy or a secret being revealed! This can be regarded as information ...

  6. The Mughals Empire started crumbling as soon as Mirza Aurangzeb announced a Sunni' sect to accelerate his War of Ascension to the throne..

    The Islamists have unnecessarily used false knowledge to keep enmity with followers of other good faiths,when The Holy Koran 'ends all disputes!

    During the Partition of India all wrongly interpreted that Hindus and Muslims were dividing while it was the Secularism Vs Musalmaniat..

  7. why are not the translations correct and the interpretations worthy as yet? ..

    Because most muslims dont understand Imam Ali and his teachings.. All Muslims unanimously accept the first dimension of wilãyat of Ahlul Bayt.Believing the ...Ahlul Bayt ,The Ale Rasul is one of the "dharûriyyãt ad-dín, the essential parts of the Islamic faith."

    For 1400 and more years the killers of Islam have created Empires only for public exchequere and collecting funds.but howcome the Rule is not once sent to The Ale Rasul?

  8. Since Karbala Tragedy the Rule over Islam has been held by Yazidites . The Falsely claimed Caliphates but none helped The Religion except raise buildings and pay for scientific advance... They always hung around Empires that in 1900s both in Delhi and Ankara were felled . Today they join Zionists are as Informers or Pimps and hope for Military thing about Yazidites is they cannot leave the state ,they join it in any form..

  9. These rules have failed here..The Military and The State they served are no more effective to economy or internal security.. they are TRAPPED!

    The Land between Chenab that divides Multan from Baluchistan, and Indus that divides from NWFP ,a population was imported migrated that would be the defined proved as soldiers of Yazid and Killers of Imam Husain and His Family Members at Karbala..

    Allah says in Koran..

    36. Verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord: Him therefore serve ye: this is a Way that is straight.

    37. But the sects differ among themselves: and woe to the unbelievers because of the (coming) Judgment of a Momentous Day!

    38. How plainly will they see and hear, the Day that they will appear before Us! but the unjust today are in error manifest!

    39. But warn them of the Day of Distress, when the matter will be determined: for (behold,) they are negligent and they do not believe!

    40. It is We Who will inherit the earth, and all beings thereon: to Us will they all be returned.

  10. 1.

    What does the Holy Quran say about Jesus (peace be upon him)

    Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God, nor they believe that God ever chose to come ... I will take thee And raise thee to Myself And clear thee (of the - Cached - Similar


    19. Mary

    How plainly will they see and hear, the Day that they will appear before Us! but the unjust today are ... When I am dead, shall I then be raised up alive?" - Cached

  11. Yazid is just a 'son' ,like the rulers of old kingdoms called Jesus a Son. Even today Jesus is size of Journalism and Photography in the west.. and the Ummaya had 'sin' .Allah does not like 'son' beta' to take charges over a bureaucracy and in Islamic sharia enlistment is allowed in-case for a defense force but Muawiya created a standing Army.During his life

  12. The The Holy Koran was sent as a wisdom to end all confusions on
    But since the rule was with Yazidi Caliphates they created more
    differences between religions ...Today they are themselves Templars Freemasons Mafias ? The world must unite because i see no confusion or difference at all..

  13. Today Pakistan is the centre point of World Peace disappointment and The Yazidites even by virtue of The Prime Minister's 'Din' what they call face is proof of despotic takeovers and inheritance over public rule .This act of Gen Hafiz Assad... and Gen, Ayub are visible signs both the Generals portrayed their obedience to the Shah's in specialized communiques that are attested. The PM of Pakistan joined Gen, Zia Ul Haque's Martial Law and moved shamelessly into their Samson and Delilah .Although having a decent wife from a good family he stranded her and married a singing prostitute to appease the Islamabad circles..

  14. Iran is a big accident they have tarried The Villainous 1973 Islamic Constitution...
    During 1973 Mr Bhutto banned Opium and Hashis Outlets and Reza Pahlavi and Bhutto created a new regime republic at The UNO! They also thought that the Isla...mists could 'eat away ' God Forbid The Koran and make it useless[Nauz A Billah........ but they reached quite far and every home seems divided and everywhere the Tareeqat doers roam with cell phones to single out Musalmans Etc.... The Islamic are dangerously hungry for west because they get money there..revolutionary Iran maybe doesn't have the picture why theu call Iran Islamic when they are Mumineen and why the Taliban Terrorist Osama and Omars military called themselves Mumineen and killed and robbed public...

  15. There was no sincere Islamisation from Gen, Zia except the strict rules he applied on Mujahedeen... Zia allowed Whiskey Free Mason-ism Prostitution ,he introduced Heroine with India .

  16. The Islamic Constitution is destroying Musalmans country after country but we only realize when the majority wishes to die instead of facing the destruction to family from Islamic governments! Look at the Pakistani theaters and you will get the answer............
    Zia's personal interest was to amalgamate a population of former Sikhs who had planted themselves in Pakistan and mock institutions and stir up factional fighting . Iran uses the word Islamic but does not have a Islamic population because across the river indus Musalmans begin and the lowest class was inducted in Military that was in mid 40s headed by General Mohammad Reza Pahlvi.... Iranians are Mumineen...